Tuesday, May 1, 2012

iPods & Stray Cats...

"Music is the shorthand of emotion."  
~Leo Tolstoy

You've heard the song "Video Killed the Radio Star," 
appropriately the very first video that aired on MTV in 1981.
Well, if that's true, than I think it's fair to say 
that iPod killed the record store.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm smitten over the iPod.
I mean really...a portable jukebox of my favorite music??
I love the thrill of customizing tasty playlists 
for different moods and occasions... 
Makes my "inner DJ" swoon I tell ya.

I'll never forget the first day I caught a glimpse of it's glimmer.  
It was a sunny day in 2001, 
 sitting down at my mother's kitchen table, 
when my sister Stacy showed me the latest technological indulgence 
that she scored off of EBAY... 
a shiny metallic lime green Mini iPod.
My eyes grew as big as millstones 
while visions of sugar plums danced in my head.
  I gazed upon her thumb going 
round and round and round the dial,
showing off her library of songs and playlists.

ohhhhh snap. 

Just the thought of replacing my bulky "discman" 
brought a Kool-Aid grin to my face. 

But there was a time in the not too distant past 
when I could spend a whole afternoon at the record store with my friends. 
Charley's records and tapes, or Krazy Kat's Vinyl's, even Hastings. 
A parade of long haired rocker guys 
and laced up pant rocker girls combed up and down the aisles. 
Racks of posters and concert t-shirts neatly displayed in the back of the store. 
Big cushiony earphones awaited you at a station to sample the most recent new release. 
Hours would go by, though it felt like minutes.

I remember my first 45.
"Stray Cat Strut" by the Stray Cats.
And my first vinyl full length album.
"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor. 
Do remember how cool the album art used to be??? 
It would fold out and sometimes there was even art on the inside sleeve. 
What treasures they were.

I have further flashbacks of my tape recorder, 
which I not only used to hide behind plants 
to record my parents private conversations, 
*what a little spy I was*
but also to play music. 
Soon my collection began to grow, 
thus came the need for a wooden cassette holder 
to display them all for my perusal. 
Of course, then came the illustrious CD. 
How cutting edge was that?

Do you remember your first 45/vinyl LP/8-track/cassette/cd????

Well, I must say, 
as much as I enjoy scrolling the I-Tunes online store 
for the latest and greatest new music, 
I sure do miss those days at the record store...
don't you?

Here's a sample of some of the tunes I'm diggin on lately: 
a little something for everyone :o)
(p.s. if it doesn't show you the video with the first click because of restricting the view from certain sites, just click "watch on youtube" and it will take you right to it in a separate window.....check it out!)

for those of you who like something fresh:

for those of you who like to chill:

for those of you who like to have some fun:

for those of you who like to roooock your face off:

for those of you who are contemplative:

for those of you who like to 
step out of the comfort zone:


  1. You really want me to date myself? Fine. I will. My first lp was Boston's self-title album (that would be 1976). It's nice to be able to say that I was too young for 8-track. I can tell you that I had the lp, cassette and cd, vhs and dvd of Pink Floyd's, 'The Wall,' all at the same time. I think that's the only one that bridged all five mediums. Um, just so you know; I don't own an iPod. :)

  2. I do remember my first cassette tape. Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Paula Abdul. I also remember my records that I would listen to while reading a book along when I was really little.

    I can't wait to go through the songs you posted. I post a song of praise every Sunday - called Sweet Sundae Song. Maybe I'll find a new one from your list to post. Thanks! :)

  3. Everyday I am amazed at technology. I would be lost without my iPod.
    Yes, I remember the Stray Cats very well.


  4. Can you believe I have made it this long without an ipod? Here is the album that changed life for me and my friends: Thriller.

  5. Yo've got some of my favs here...this was fun and I also have a grin on my face as I remember as a little girl, playing with my (OLDER)brothers 45's as well as dancing in front of the t.v. as we watched American Bandstand ...so don't worry Christiane! ;) My first record purchase was in grade school "one bad apple" by the Jackson 5. HA! I Love all types of music and also miss that vinyl and the great record stores but with all the gadgets, really pray that book stores won't all go away...something about the feel of a book in my hand and the entire experience is therapeutic.
    Oh, I still don't have an ipod ~ and no satellite...love my local FM ;)

  6. @christiane...we totally had some 8 tracks, barry manilow LOL @cooking up faith: i loved those read along record books...i had one of those for a charlie brown christmas :) @velva so blown away by technology @tina yep, that album was a game changer @Lorraine I can TOTALLY see you dancing to american bandstand...and i so agree, something about the feel of a book in my hands is special...and, i don't have satellite either, love good ol' am/fm radio :)

  7. I LOVE my iPod and YouTube (for finding the music not yet on iTunes...the Unicorn Song from the movie Legend). First album I had was Andy Gibb, Shadow Dancing and first soundtrack was Grease. Miss those times as well. Loved Addison Road and Switchfoot!

  8. Oh my, I'm pretty sure my parents had vinyl albums and I distinctly remember a Chipmunks Christmas one, he he. I had the cassette walkman growing up, but my younger siblings always pulled the tape out, rrr. I had the same lime green one as your sister for my first one. I couldn't work out without it. You are making me think I need to go download some new music. Rock on my dear!

  9. I think we would have a great time on a road trip when it comes to music. Love your choices! :)

  10. First 8 track I remember listening to was Saturday Night Fever soundtrack with massive headphones on my parents rust colored corduroy couch! Oh, the good old days!!

  11. Bella, this is a perfect opportunity to share with you what happened to me the other day. My computer was giving me such a hard time (badly needed defrag-disk cleaning)...I had to actually upload my new post at my daugher's. Well, ended up having to upload it on my 10yr old granddaughter Gabby's "laptop"...yes, her laptop that she uses for her homework, and other informative things that she needs to find. At the same time, she had her I-Pod playing songs, and she also brought into her room her mom's I-Pad to show me the latest on the cute little girls...Rosie, and Sophia, the talented little girls who appeared firs on Ellen!

    ...and BTW-I love Matysyahoo, the Jewish Orthodox raggea singer, who my son first introduced me to; since recently, he became an Orthodox Jew (from a Catholic alter boy)...since the age of 18, he decided to go back to his Jewish roots from the mother's side (me, from my mother's side)...raised as a Catholic (father's side)...to a Judeo/Christian...best of both worlds!
    Just wanted to share this with you, but I think you already knew:DDD

  12. iPod ... I'm recently hooked, too. Never too old for new gadgets.

  13. Awwww... music connects souls from worlds apart.

  14. thanks for sharing your musical jams! found a few I like. Don't get out much so the sampling was fun. ...there is so much out there it gets overwhelming to even look.



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