Friday, May 10, 2013


Yeah, I know.
You don't have to tell me.
The world is broken.
But for crying out loud I am determined to be some glue.
In my own small way, I want to be a part of the healing.

My friend Jan posted this statement 
on her facebook page several weeks ago, 
and I can't stop thinking of the implications!! 
She said: 
there are many Sauls 
that are one encounter away 
from being the Pauls 
God called them to be." 


Never underestimate what God can do in people's lives, 
no matter what the circumstances look like,
no matter what they claim to believe or not believe.

I am reminded once again to love people WHERE THEY'RE AT.
We have the tendency to want to try to help "fix" so often,
and truly with the very best of intentions.
But sometimes people just need a break
 from being under the microscope.
Not everyone wants to be analyzed ALL the time. 
Sometimes they just need the freedom to be where they're at, 
even if it's in a messed up place right now,
without worrying whether or not we're breaking down
 every little thing they say or do. 
Sometimes they just need the grace to "be" 
and the room to "become." 
I'm not talking about setting healthy boundaries with people, 
clearly that's necessary at times, nobody needs to be a doormat.
I'm simply saying that we have no time to love people
 if we're always in analytical mode.
Sometimes people just need a touch IN SPITE OF where they're at.

xoxo Keep Shining Sweet Bellas xoxo


  1. Oh I love this post Bella And love all the images...esp. the final one...Yes! YOU shine so brightly, Bella!

    Oh, let me be like the lighthouse...let me stand tall with my eyes fixed upon the Lord, shining His light.

    I'm so glad He loves me when I least deserve it!!!

  2. Beautiful words, sweet friend. You don't know how I look forward to your posts. They are like balms of truth for my soul. We do need to open ourselves to each other. To let people hurt and question while we love them with a fierce and patient love. I know I've had many people do the same for me. Thank you for sharing. Warm hugs and love.

  3. A lovely reminder. Thank you, friend!

  4. Isn't that the truth. Love that light post and it's so true, sometimes you just have to let things be and keep shining. I can see your light shining from way over here. Keep radiating. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. You are an Gifted Amazing woman, we are so proud of you. Let your Brilliance keep shining and touching all those hearts God has prepared to hear and recieve the light of your message of Love..



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