Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I could hear them coming.
“Sleestacking”across the living room with their stuffy noses.
*for all of you “Land of the Lost” fans out there*
Our two sons, dragging their blankets,
were making their way to the side of our bed.
They slept so much later than we expected! Yesss!!

“Haaaappy Morning!!!!” 
our oldest son beamed, grinning ear to ear.
They climbed into bed and giggled and snuggled 
and summoned us to make breakfast.
“I huuuungry, so so huuuungry,” says our youngest, 
while rubbing his belly, and batting puppy dog eyes.
My husband smiled as he squeezed them saying,
"Pretty soon WE'LL be dragging THEM out of bed.”

Yes, in the blink of an eye, 
they’ll morph from toddlers to teenagers, 
and it’ll be US urging THEM to get up, 
as they desperately hold on to their pillows 
murmuring “my preciousssss.” 

Our daughter has graduated from baths to showers.
*although she still loves her luxury baths with bubbles, just like her mama*
She picks out her clothes for school, 
and lays them out with matching hair accessories.
She helps around the house, and with her brothers…
and when I reach to help her with something,
she holds her hand up and declares, “no, no…I've got this mom."

But it wasn’t long ago, when she was our little freshie, just home from the hospital,
and we’d burn hours staring at her in the bouncer. And when I say hours, I mean houuuuurs.
Just staring. Wondering what we ever did with our time before her arrival.

And, as most new parents, we’d think about how to do things “just right.”
But, soon thereafter, you come to learn 
that there is no such thing as “perfection”when it comes to parenting.
Just a beautifully gritty & complex, ever-changing journey 
of discovery and learning. Much like life itself.

I’m not the same person I was yesterday, and neither are my children.
Every day we are transforming. Growing. Together.
I’m learning how to be gracious with myself, and my children,
as I’m teaching them how to be gracious with me.
And they are. They really, really are. So resilient, and willing to forgive.
We’re learning to be patient with one another. Together.
We're learning to listen, really listen, to one another. Together.
And most importantly, we’re learning how to cherish one another. Together. 

I promised myself a few years ago, when life was brimming over,
and I was overwhelmed and overcommitted and exhausted,
that I would stop…
just stop, and downshift, and purpose it in my heart
to take the time, to make more time, for more time. 
And I have.

That I would squeeze the last bit o’ juice out of every morsel,
be fully present, savor the little moments, 
be more intentional, carpe diem and all that jazz.

That I would “eliminate the unnecessary, 
so that the necessary may speak.” (Hans Hoffmann)
That I would tap into the silent stirrings of my soul, and go deeper.
Deeper with myself. With God. With others.

That I would embrace my weaknesses, and develop them.
That I would navigate through my mistakes, and build upon them.
That I would be more courageous, hone my talents, and take more risks.
That I would speak more LIFE, and spread more beauty.

Oh Sweet Sweet Bellas, what a journey it has been, and continues to be.
The more I write, the more I discover how truly passionate I am 
about helping awaken the hearts of others,
encouraging them to step out of day to day drudgery, 
and taste the beauty of life!
To discover their God given talents, 
and SHINE!!

You see, 
YOU are part of my journey, 
as I am part of yours…
and I must say,
you’ve been the most delightful traveling companions.

Onward, Sweet Bellas, onward…

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