Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughts for Sophia...


"see I know that a gift so great
is only one GOD can create
and I'm reminded every time I see your face"
~ Lauryn Hill

Sitting here early this morning in golden silence, I savor moments like these....when every sound lies sleeping, when all the doors are shut and the soul is open.....memories.... like quiet visitors arrive, and my thoughts rush forth like a gushing river...

It was just 2 years ago today that I began one of the greatest adventures of my life....MOTHERHOOD!
I still remember when she was growing inside of me, and I would think to myself "how is it possible to be so in love with someone you have never even met? "

and now that she is here, that love is intensified in ways that are impossible to describe with human words - what a beautiful reflection of His grace....

Her arrival roused parts of my soul that I had not yet discovered, as though I had been awakened from a torturous slumber that I didn't realize existed....


SOPHIA ISABELLA.....My Bella.....pieces of me in their purest form

oh how I wish she could stay that way....for I know that time and experience are masters of deconstruction, and the perils of life will surely come...

But even in that moment...that "peace that passes all understanding" whisks me away like a magic carpet ride
where my imagination is creative and flourishing
full of enchantment and a sense of the miraculous
and causes me to abandon those frowning thoughts without hesitation.
-She inspires me to be the higher me, and I long to leave a legacy behind
How can I teach her about all the things that I know to be
lovely...and true...and noble...and right...and pure...and admirable...and excellent...and praiseworthy...
I cannot simply tell her, I must LIVE it, each and every solitary day...
dear God:
let me not chase after success
but rather significance
let me not pursue pleasure
so much as purpose...
let me live an authentic life
an original life
a meaningful life
let me touch a life...

...and so my thoughts ramble on....

Happy Birthday Sweet Bella
may the stars shine extra bright in your name today
love, mommy


  1. Happy, happy birthday sweet Sophia, whom has much to say and share in our world, and in whom her little brother will always look up to! Your sweetness, and cute littleness, tickled me as I watched you and interacted with you my last visit! I am wondering if you are still talking and holding and playing with your fingers, as you did when I saw you have given me many laughs and smiles in thinking of those moments. You are so blessed to have your God-given parents whom will so beautifully reflect His love to you. I am sending a special prayer to our Lord this morning for you, and your dear family. May God watch over you and care for you, as only He can, and guide you, your brother and Mom and Dad, always in the palm of His powerfully, precious Hand.
    Happy Birthday, dear sweet, little bella, xzozxoxzo love, Susan

  2. Love your post and your beautiful thoughts for your Bella. Motherhood is such a blessing, savor it

  3. Sweet Sophia,
    You are are loved! Happy Birthday! God danced the day you were born...and I know your mommy is not only proud of you, but also in awe of the wonderful gift God gave her! May you follow Him all the days of your life! You are blessed!

  4. Sophia-Happy Birthday sweet girl and know that you are very loved!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit me on my SITS day, I am so glad you did for your blog is absolutely beautiful, and I am very happy to be a follower!

  5. Happy Belated birthday to your bella. What a beautiful gift you are giving her in those thoughts of yours! Being a mother is such a treasure.

    Thank you for following along at Sugar Tails. I look forward to getting to know you.

  6. A gorgeous bella indeed! And what a sweet name. My first born is named Sophie in honor of mum Sophia. I am sandwiched between two wonderful Sophies and I wouldn't want it any other way.
    Blessings ]

  7. Your header completely snagged me. IF I wasn't planning on being a follower that picture surely made me want to be one... that... and the adorable photos of your baby. So precious!

    Thanks for stopping by my site and becoming a follower. Always nice to check out new blogs and I'm glad I did! I'm now following.

  8. What a wonderful blog! Thanks for visiting mine & following!I'll be coming back to read more!

  9. Found you at LBS! What a beautiful little one, and what a beautiful blog!

  10. What a beautiful post!! You sound like a wonderful mother. Happy birthday to your little Sophia! I love her name! Sophia Isabella is so pretty!!!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog! I look forward to reading more of your posts!!

  11. What an amazing post. It's just beautiful. Happy Birthday indeed little princess. I am so glad you found my blog too. What a small world. I am happily following your beautiful blog now too. And thank you for your well wishes on my recovery. I am doing fairly well. It's going to be a hard couple of weeks getting my body used to being without a body part, but God will see me through.

  12. I wish I could talk, but I'm all sorts of choked up. And teary-eyed. I pray our Sophias' live, eat and breathe the fruit of the Spirit all their lives.

  13. Sniff, sniff, I love your writing sweet Bella <3



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