Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm Sorry...

"Never ruin an apology with an excuse."  
~Kimberly Johnson

"I'm sorry."
Two simple words, but such powerful words indeed.
They have the power to heal. Restore. Reconcile.
The power to acknowledge. Validate. Conciliate. 
To bring peace. Mend. Harmonize.

Have you hurt someone? 
Directly or indirectly? 
By word or deed?
Or lack thereof?
I have. 
I think we all have at one time or another.

Sometimes we try to complicate an apology.
Give a list of reasons why. Explain. Justify.
But what I've come to learn is that more often than not,
people do not want the explanation,
they don't care about the details...
they just need the apology.
Simplicity. Sincerity. Authenticity.
It truly is a healing salve.

G.K. Chesterton said "The injured party does not want to be compensated because he has been wronged; 
he wants to be healed because he has been hurt."
Sigh. Thanks for keepin' it real Chesterton.

Sweet Bellas, if there's an unresolved issue in your life,
and you've been wanting to make things right, 
Now is the time.
Keep it simple. 
Keep it sincere.
Don't worry about how it's received,
sometimes it takes time for the wound to heal.
Don't let pride get in the way,
Just do your part. 

"So if you are offering your gift at the altar
and there remember that your brother has something against you,
leave your gift there before the alter and go.
First be reconciled to your brother,
and then come and offer your gift."
~Matthew 5:23-24


  1. I remember clearly the day my mom taught me to say I'm sorry. I was five and had hurt my best friend so mom stood me in front of her and wouldn't let me leave until I had said the words. It was a huge lesson; so hard but so healing. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. I spent the first half of my life never uttering these words. I was raised in a family that was 'never wrong.' I remember when I learned to say it, if I hurt my kids, my husband, a friend. It was the most liberating feeling! I had to do it tonight actually. Thanks for your sweet words <3

  3. I've never understood why people cannot say I'm sorry, my father was like that, my husband is like this. They will buy you a gift, they will make a joke, but it doesn't heal the way an apology does. Being right can be a very lonely place to be. I was always taught to never say, I'm sorry but.... because everything you say after but, undoes what you said before it. Even children understand this, as soon as you hear but.... your heart sinks because it means the apology isn't real. Thank you so much for this post. Thank you for reminding us that their are no buts, in an apology. Love you sweet bella

  4. I agree with Shannon, I don't know why people can be so stubborn about not saying it. The words, "I'm sorry" can heal so much, yet they are used too infrequently. You cheered me up tonight, I'm lying on my bed dead tired, been packing all week to move again this weekend. This is just what I needed. I hope you have a wonderful holiday Sweet Bella.

  5. they can be such meaningful beautiful words, when spoken from the heart. Thanks for reminding us that we have the power to change so much with just two little words.

    have a happy and safe holiday my friend

  6. More "words of wisdom"...sweet bella! Yes, those 3 words are the most difficult words for most people to say!...let's make it short, by abbreviating it...I'm sorry!...still, it's the hardest thing to say. There actually a beautiful song by Elton John, that just popped into my head, as I'm typing...Sorry is the hardest thing to say, or something like that!

    On your previous post...what a beautiful, and heartwarming photo of you and your sister. You can see the LOVE..and feel the love...seriously!...not to mention the JOY! Awesome; simply, divine!

    BTW- I did a little 'shout-out' to you on my recent Israeli Couscous post!
    Just love how you always mention me when you make the couscous! Thanks for that, and all the other warm and wonderful things you inspire me with in your wisdom...that I will cherish...always!

  7. Don't you just love Chesterton? Always such good words. Thank you for sharing this reflection on the immense importance of apologies. I hope you are having a beautiful, life-giving day!

  8. I love the quote at the top! Thanks for the reminder to admit wrong doings with a simple apology. Always so much inspiration in your posts. xo

  9. Beautiful thoughts. Sometimes, after a fight with my dear husband, I find that saying "sorry" works wonders. Often, it's hard to say. But I never regret it.



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