Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Love Pat...

"Be kind, for everyone you know is facing a great battle."
~ Philo of Alexandria

Venti please.
Make it a java chip.
With extra whipped cream.
An extra 1,000 calories? Whatever.
'Cause it's been THAT kind of week.
And it's only Tuesday.

My thoughts are so jumbled tonight. Locked up. Trapped.
As I try to dig and sort through them, my mind is going in a million different directions.
All of the interesting things I had to share are quite simply... gone with the wind.
Maybe it's exhaustion spilling over from yesterday.
Or since last week for that matter.
Really all month is more accurate.
Ok all year.
Oh who am I kidding, more like the last 5 years.

Yesterday it was really starting to peak.
That feeling that you are just spinning your wheels.
You know...."that feeling."
The feeling that with every step forward, you take two steps back.
Like you are never going tackle the pile. Never get on top of it.
Just stay buried...perpetually...forever.
For every corner of the house you clean
the children are making new messes behind you.
For every item you cross off "the list'
three more are right there to replace it.
That moment you were trying to savor,
explodes right in your face. In a millisecond. 

But then something happened.
My sister called.
The chaos in the background was eminent.
Siblings arguing.
One tearing up the other's homework.
A request denied. A tantrum building. A reprimand delivered.
And then it came. Like a gentle breeze on a scorching day.
In a soft tone, and with sincerity in her voice,
she said, "You're doing a good job. I'm proud of you."

My friend Diane would have smiled and called that
 "a love pat from the Lord."
And it truly was. 
I could feel my inner man exhale.
In the simplicity of that moment, came reassurance.
Maybe I'm not completely dropping the ball.
Maybe accomplishing what was necessary for the day was propitious. 
Maybe this was a perfect teachable fragment in time.
A tangible reminder.

The world is upside down. Encourage one another.
Fires are burning. Storms are raging. Political and social unrest is rampant.
Encourage one another.

Sweet Bellas, never underestimate the power of an encouraging word.
It can breathe life into a weary soul.
Wipe the sweat from a brow.
Deliver fresh air amidst a suffocating moment.
Bring hope when it's needed most.

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up."
~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11


  1. Your sister's encouragement led you to write this post, which has encouraged me (and I'm sure many more)! You're right - never underestimate the power of an encouraging word! :)

  2. So true... You are an inspiration to others in so many ways. I'm thankful we can encourage each other in this beautiful, chaotic journey!

  3. I just smile when I read anything you write. You encourage me in all you do. It's funny, I was praying this morning before I read this and was thanking God for your friendship. I just told Him how you 'encourage' me and how much that means to me. <3

  4. Oh sweet Bella, you are so right. I can't tell you the number of times you have done this for me, and we've never even met. I marvel at your ability to lift me up with the right words. Thank you for the reminder to do this for others and to always be ready with a kind and encouraging word. We all have crosses to bear, and it's so wonderful (even if only for a moment) when someones encouraging words lifts it from your back. Hugs and hope

  5. Amen! Encourage one another! You do so for me all the time, sis! I know that feeling of being overwhelmed and receiving just the right word at just the right time. A weight is lifted off my shoulder when a true friend loves me through a simple act of kindness. I pray that your week gets better and somehow, I think it already has! Every time you pour out love onto others, it comes back in an abundance of joy! Feel the joy, Bella! Feel the abundance! You are a gift from God! Love you!

  6. You ARE doing a good job! Your priorities are set in perfect alignment. Moms cannot do everything...but you're doing what your kids will remember, appreciate and learn from. Enjoy your weekend, and the holiday!!! xo

  7. Oh sweet friend, what a lovely post. I understand how you are feeling, and I found myself saying Amen, again and again. Thank you for your words, your encouragement, and your prayers. I hope you are having a restful and peaceful Saturday. Love and hugs!



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