Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Space Between...And Green Chile

"The space between 
the tears we cry,
is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more."
~Dave Matthews Band

Harmony and dissonance.
Tension and resolution.
Relationships keep us on our toes, don't they?
The dynamics are beguiling to say the least.

And when I say relationships, I mean ALL relationships.
Parent/child. sibling/sibling. 
It wouldn't be preposterous to say all familial relationships in general, would it?
Spouse/spouse. Friend/friend. The list goes on...

We struggle to keep the peace at times.
Our hearts can be rooted in different places,
but at the core we are all the same.
We have different perspectives,
and it certainly can get messy now and then, 
but at the end of the day, 
we all long to love and be loved in return.

There are moments in my own life when I feel so overwhelmed,
not unusual considering the ages of my children.
But as small as they are, when I take a step back,
I recognize that right now so many things can be solved
with a cookie. Or a nap.  Or a hug.
As hard as this season of my life is, 
I acknowledge that I'm going to look back one day 
and realize that this really was the easy part!
When my heart is discouraged, I try to remind myself of that.

Is there is a relationship in your life 
that is in a volatile state at the moment?
I want to encourage you to return to that place in your memory.
Even if just for a moment.
That place where you shared laughter and understanding.
Where you shared a favorite meal, or a favorite song.
Where you shared smiles and silliness.
That place that, in spite of your differences, 
keeps you coming back for more...
That place where you're reminded of why you love them, 
and always will,
even if that means loving them from afar.

Praying that, if possible, the kinks will be ironed out soon, and that in the meantime, your heart will find rest.

"Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Green Chile
I shared the recipe for green chile last year 
( CLICK HERE for the recipe).
but thought you might enjoy seeing pictures of the process. 
This is a recipe that reminds me of family, 
and regardless of how complicated familial relationships can be, 
it reminds me of the good times we share. 
When I make chile, it always makes my heart smile.


  1. Oh Sweet Bella, what a wonderful post, you always fill my senses and my heart when I'm here. It is nice to hold on to the relationships that bind us, and sometimes, we need to have the strength to let go. Sometimes that takes more courage than hanging on.

  2. A sweet breath of life and peace.... That is what I take when I read what you share from your heart. Once again, it was timely. So is this chile. One of my favorite memories is the smell of roasting chiles that literally permeate the air in New Mexico. I can smell it right now...so many years later...all the way across the country in New Hampshire. Oh, how I love New Mexico and the chile season is my most favorite of all. Green is the answer for me. Always. Much love to you, sweet sister.

  3. Such a powerful post, Bella! It warmed my heart and the recipe is perfect for Fall...(although I'm hanging onto summer until that official last day ~ lol). I love how recipes shared with family bring back those precious memories of times of joy. How timely this message is! How beautiful your heart is! So much wisdom in your words!!! Love you sis! xoxo

  4. You are right a nap and cookie help in quite a few situations. I don't know how your posts always seem to appear when I've had something on my mind, but that you I needed this today. I'm sure there will be a day when it's more relaxed at home for you. That chile sounds wonderful, the chiles we have here aren't as nice.

  5. I'm so sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed. But I do love that you are looking for the positives and focusing on the good moments!

  6. You are so right... This season of life really is very short. I must remind myself of this often. So thankful for your heart, friend.

  7. It was so wonderful to see your sweet message on my blog. And then to come here and see your wise words...so true that a cookie, a nap or a hug can turn things around! It's usually a nap for me :) Enjoy those sweet babies...motherhood brings many challenges, but such joy! xoxo

  8. LOL yes one day they will grow and things will be far more complicated....the ol' cookie nap hug season will be long behind me...trying to remember that when I feel exhausted and overwhelmed and savor the simplicity of this season, even when I'm running on low fumes.

  9. Another beautiful post, my friend. Your words ring with such truth and beauty. So much truth in the simple ways we can care for each other. Thank you so much for sharing...what a delicious and encouraging way to end my weekend. I hope you have a beautiful Monday, my friend!

  10. Dearest bella, I thought I commented on this post, but looks like I didn't...so sorry about that. I love your Green Chile recipe, and the photos are certainly inviting, and now would be the right time to make a nice pot of your delicious chile...not just the ordinary Chile but beautiful colorful green, with a robust flavor:)

    Here's my reply to you from your recent comment...copied, and pasted it! xo
    (guess I couldn't...so you'll just have to come back and check it! Hugs,)

  11. Good comments on relationships. Yes, most of us have relationships that at any given time are stressed. I think we learn more about ourselves in these relationships than we do in the ones that tend to go smoothly. Good post.

    And, the green chili looks great!

    Have a great Thanksgiving. wb



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