Monday, February 4, 2013

16 years and Walking on Water

This past September 2012,
Anthony & I celebrated 16 years of marriage!
How awesome is that???
And what an adventure it has been...I do not say that lightly.
I CONTINUALLY marvel at the dynamics of our personalities, 
our thinking patterns, our moxie.

I've often seen people paired that seem to have more...equilibrium.
One person tends to be the risk taker, 
while the other is more "level headed" so to say,
often bringing some balance to the equation.
But not us. No Sir-ee. Ha!
God really got some fireworks when He put "us" 
over "the Divine Bunsen Burner,"
or so I imagine...
and that's gotta make Him smile.
It sure makes me smile.
You see, we BOTH are visionaries.
Risk takers. 
Tight rope walkers.
Mountain scalers.
We've always been driven by the unction
that if you want to walk on water,
you've got to get out of the boat!!!
It's required stepping away from the comfort zone,
the safe, the predictable, even in every day simple choices.
I honestly don't think we know any other way to live...
This mindset is woven into our very essence, rooted somewhere deep in our core.
Sometimes, in the late hours of the night, we feel the tug...a stirring...
beckoning us, summoning us, daring us to go deeper,
to ditch the standard and go against the live outside the box.
But the journey hasn't been without opposition.
It's taken courage to walk the path set before us
regardless of the whispers, discouragement 
and head shakes of disapproval from those on the outside looking in.
Yet with every scathe and scrape along the way, 
there have been monumental life changing principles and knowledge 
gleaned in the process.
I assure you it's been worth every moment, high and low.

And the best is yet to come.
God is stretching us and enlarging the place of our tent in the most glorious ways.
Seeds that have been planted in our hearts from years ago are sprouting.
Visions & dreams that plucked our heart strings in the not too distant past 
are being breathed to life for such a time as this.
Like the opening quote, I truly believe that 
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."
We can stay in the safety zone, or go beyond, but our horizons will adjust accordingly.

Well Sweet Bellas, 
I'm here to declare to you, 
and all the world,
 that not only do I have the courage...
but I was made to walk on water!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! Marriage is a journey and you both are enjoying it to the fullest. Awesome.


  2. Happy anniversary! What a blessing your marriage is! 16 years! Beautiful. :) I love that you guys are both so similar when it comes to risk taking and adventure! What fun you must have. :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! It takes courage indeed to go against the norm. Courage to stay married and work it out. Marriage is hard no matter the personalities, and I bet two of the same is fireworks indeed. Wishing you a lifetime of more anniversaries. Was thinking of you and the kids today.

  4. Bella, so does take courage and it takes faith! I've witnessed both in you as life has stretched you beyond all limits at times. Your life has expanded in countless ways because of your strength, placed inside you by God Himself....Yep on His "Divine Bunsen Burner" ;) You and Anthony were made for each other (stepping out into one adventure after another together)!! xoxo



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