Sunday, May 18, 2014

What IS Mangiabella, exactly?

1,460 days ago, Mangiabella was born
into the ever expanding blogosphere.
It began as a collection of thoughts 
on life, love and the pursuit of happiness,
with some delicious food weaved in.

The hope was that my appetite for getting the most 
out of this life journey would be contagious
that it would make others hunger and thirst.
That it would entice you to 
devour life with me, 
devour my food, 
devour my words…
That it would encourage and inspire you to
step out of the day to day “drudgery,”
and marvel at something...
even if just for a moment.

But Mangiabella isn't just a blog...
It’s a lifestyle. 
It’s a mindset. 
It’s about tasting the beauty of life.
It’s about stepping out of comfort zones. 
It’s about not just being alive, but AWAKE!
It’s about showcasing your luster…it’s about spilling over.

Mangiabella is the thought in the back of your mind that says,
“What have I been ignoring?
What’s been left unsaid?
What have I been missing?”
It’s the laughter in the distance.
It’s ardently savoring the tastes, the touch, 
the sights, the sounds, and the aromas of LIFE.

Mangiabella is the passion and quickening within 
when I hold a pen, or type on the keys...
when I look through the lens of a camera..or when I cook…
It’s about discovering YOUR gifts & talents,
and then giving them away...

Mangiabella is the reminder that 
I AM the journey ~ 
I mean, aren’t we all?
We all have a story to tell.
It’s the quality of spirit that beckons you to rise to the occasion.
It’s the greatness within.

What is Mangiabella, exactly?

Mangiabella is the propensity and the desire to

Keep Shining Sweet Bellas!

Happy 4 Year Blogoversary Mangiabella!!


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