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Curb Your Wanderlust & #trytheworld from home!

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“People who love to eat
are always the best people.”
~ Julia Child

Oh, how I do love surprises. Don’t you???
My intrinsic passion for food & adventure had most certainly been piqued when my Marrakesh box arrived.

Like a treasure hunter looking for gold, I joyfully sifted through a heap of colorful confetti so as to unearth this delectable plethora of exotic fare.

Images of Sira Quiroga flooded my mind, walking down the open market streets of Morocco (as her alter ego Aris Agoriuq, of course), weaving through a labyrinth of snake charmers & textile merchants, contemplating over mounds of fragrant colorful spices while the scent of mint tea mingled with incense hangs heavy in the air.
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What??? You haven’t read “The Time In Between” by Maria Duenas, or seen the adapted for television series (also known as “El Tiempo Entre Costuras”), the intriguing espionage story set against the backdrop of Spain & Morocco in the 1930’s/40’s about a young woman who used her talents and moxie to rise above calamity & became a prominent couture designer amongst the highest echelons of society, AS WELL AS an undercover agent for the Allies during WWII, sewing secret messages into the seams of high fashion garments? Le sigh. Add that to your list Bellas.


A culinary plan began to emerge as I unpacked and examined each mouth watering treat. It was time to play.  

Included in my box was:

A package of Dari Organic Whole Wheat Couscous, definitely a Moroccan staple. Easy peasy to prepare.

A bottle of Dip & Scoop culinary argan oil, handmade by Berber women in Southwestern Morocco (fair trade). It’s nutty buttery taste was delicious, great for using as dip for flatbread, or to top off salads, veggies or fish.

Tajini couscous sauce. This sauce was bomb diggy. After sauteeing my veggies in argan oil, salt & garlic, I tossed them with the couscous sauce. Delish.

Villa Jerada Kefta Rub. Awesomeness in a jar. A blend of spices including cumin, morita pepper, mint, coriander, cilantro, cinnamon, & paprika…this is what I used to spice up the Lamb Meatballs. 

Orientines biscuits, "Croquants a l’Ecorce d’Orange” - a tasty sweet little cookie with zing that would pair delightfully with some mint tea.

And finally, Titus sardines in oil. My husband is all over this one…he declared a “sardine & crackers” party to be in order quite soon, and although I am not a sardine lover, I shall oblige. An opportune time to step out of my comfort zone, wouldn’t you agree Sweet Bellas?

Also included, was a card with an itemized list of the aforementioned & a culture guide filled with movies, music, recipes and insight to the customs, lifestyle, heritage and traditions of Marrakesh. Cool Beans.

So, what tasty concoction did I whip up? 

Kefta Spiced Lamb Meatballs with Moroccan Style Vegetables & Couscous. A side of toasted Tandoori Naan & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to accompany. The end result: hadshi bneen (This is delicious!)!!! And I must say, the experience curbed my wanderlust…for the evening ;)

You know how very much I enjoy tasting the beauty of life and sharing it with you Sweet Bellas, and so, if you have a penchant for adventure and intrepid taste buds, but seem to be a little short on funds to book a trip out yonder, give #trytheworld a whirl.

Visit them at www.trytheworld.com ~ Peeps like CNN, HuffPost, ABCNews, Travel & Leisure, FoxNews, Wall Street Journal & NBC are singing their praises.

Plus, they have a great promo going on, subscribe for 2, 6 or 12 months, and get a Paris box free - Oui Oui !! Free Shipping. Free Returns. Pause or Cancel anytime, no hassles. You also can purchase a one time gift for a foodie lover, or purchase a subscription as a gift. 

So many options….life is delicious….Mangia!!!!

What about you? Try any great new subscriptions lately?


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