Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life Unscripted...

"To find the universal elements enough;
to find the air and the water exhilarating;
to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter...
to be thrilled by the stars at night;
to be elated over a bird's nest or a wildflower in spring -
these are some of the rewards of the simple life."
~ John Burroughs

Ahhh....the sweet sound of children sleeping in......I am just blue skying right now....trust me, the countenance shows all!

After 4 1/2 weeks of juggling an active, potty training 2 year old while caring for a sick infant, whose head cold turned ear infection turned severe allergic reaction to penicillin turned damaged digestive tract from the penicillin turned sinus infection kept him awake night after night in utter torment, and after recovering from getting sick myself towards the end of that whole schpiel, we are BOTH restored to good health, and have finally begun to sleep again! Whew! Lord have mercy, no one could possibly begin to plan for a tempest like that!! 5 trips to the doctor in 3 weeks time.... to say that I was running on prayers and coffee would be to highly understate the situation, but thank God Almighty, this too has passed!

We were fortunate enough to steal a quick getaway *doctor approved* to a nearby lake with dear friends during a 2 day lapse when we thought Joshua was recovered from the allergic reaction with hopes that the fresh air and sunshine would do us all some good, and it truly did. The in-laws volunteered to come along to take care of the kids so we could sneak a few naps in, and take a few boat rides to let the soul breathe a bit.....

And so we drove until the city lights morphed into a star lit country sky through the winding roads of Abiquiu, NM....what an incredible place....I did not realize what splendorous grandeur lie secretly tucked away....waiting for my discovery....waiting to be acknowledged....it's no wonder why people like renowned artist Georgia O'Keefe escaped the madness of the world to make her permanent home there, and spent her remaining days being surrounded by such magnificent landscape and the views that they command. Purple, magenta, and three shades of blue set the backdrop for acres upon acres of lush valley land hidden amidst multi-colored rock that's been carved by the very finger of God.

Time spent on the water was therapeutic, the air had a sweet, fresh scent to it, and we spent each awe inspiring night relaxing around the campfire as a spectacular meteor shower took center stage.
We soaked in silence as the heavens danced before our eyes, and exchanged stories and much laughter with each intermission.
Little did we know at that time how much that lake trip would provide just the restoration we would need, and give us a bit of a 2nd wind, before the sinus infections would set in upon our return to bring 10 more days of hard knox to press through.

I'm so grateful for family who stepped in to take care of the kids and prepare a meal so I could get to a doctor myself. With each passing day and each pill swallowed I slowly came back to life, as did my precious Joshua. Just in time for him to start cutting teeth - ha!

But in all sincerity, even in the midst of such challenging weeks living life day by day, hour by hour, I felt so exceedingly blessed,
and seized every opportunity to treasure the simple pleasures.

We celebrated our life returning to some semblance of normalcy again by enjoying that lover's picnic we had been planning :)
Here's a little excerpt from some poetry that we savored that glorious afternoon:

"Take my heart,
I shall have it all the more;
Plucking the flowers,
we keep the plant in bloom.
Knowing you have in store
more heart to give than I find heart-room.
There is more to say:
Only believe that unto you my whole heart gives one cry,
and writing, writes down more than you receive;
Sending you kisses through my fingertips
Lady, O read my letter with your lips!"
~ Cyrano de Bergerac

sooooo happy to be continuing on this journey of simplifying....
of making more time for "time"

Right now, my beloved and my little lambies get my abundance, and everyone else gets the spillage!

ciao for now sweet bellas


  1. Wow, what a roller coaster ride! So glad that everyone's finally all better!

  2. Sounds like you deserved the lovely getaway, after all the illness. Hope your babies are all better and you can relax a bit more.

  3. I love the picture of you looking to the side. You remind me of Linda Hamilton from Terminator at the very end. Remember that? I'm glad everyone is well again and that you're restored and rejuvenated.

  4. Glad to hear it all turned out in the end!

  5. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I look forward to reading more about you as I follow your blog as well. So glad God blessed you by my blog this morning and that you were able to enjoy a lovely getaway. May your day be filled with joy!

  6. Well, I can only say it is the highest quality "spillage" I've ever known :)...and so glad to be a recipient! What a blessing you are to me!
    I loved reading your description of your week-end...and your "soaking in silence as the heavens danced before your eyes"! What a beautiful description!

  7. I am so glad to hear that your both recovered, and feeling better....It's bad enough when we are sick but when a little one suffers, its almost more than we can bear. I'm glad you found some time to get away, nature does wonders for the soul!

    Hope you have a happy and healthy labor day weekend!

  8. Aww... Hope it gets better through the long weekend the other parts of the world is having and I am absolutely envious about (i am in Australia, our labour day is in March :()

    Have a great weekend though. Cheers!

    - The Envious Reenie

    (stopping by from SITS)

  9. Wow. Glad she's feeling better. Doesn't it always just come at once!

  10. Glad to hear that everyone's OK. Wish all of you a great week ahead!

  11. What a beautiful post! Visiting from SITS. I was so glad to see that your comment was chosen for SSO because I have been thinking about Jessica all week and praying for her family. I loved your sentence "carved by the finger of God" - may have to "borrow" that one - so poetic. I remember well those times with sick little ones... So glad everyone is healthy again! Looking forward to reading your blog on a regular basis.
    Best from your newest follower in NY,

  12. Hello...I'm bj..just over from SITS..yay!!

    I loved reading your post...your sweet spirit and hard-loving heart sure came thru to me. You love your little family and that's just what God intended. :)
    Yep, all the sicknesses can really be a drain on you and then when YOU get sick, too...it can be awful. But...with your cute attitude, you made it thru just fine. BRAVO, girl!!
    My daughter has 4 kids...son has 6. Sick-time around either of these places can seem like the world ending. haahhaa...most of the time, they are all well, due to a loving God.
    hugs, bj

  13. You are so beautiful - on so many levels. It's a real skill to tease out and see the grace that comes to us in difficult times. Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. What a wonderfully beautiful post! I know too well the overwhelming thing that having sick babies in the house can be - with 5 someone in our house is always sick - then add a 1 year old grandbaby into the mix and hoo boy! I love that you find the time and the sanity to look outside the box and see the beauty all around you! Your words and your photos are so expressive and beautiful, thanks for sharing your world with us...
    Stopping by from SITS - Happy Sunday

  15. Ciao bella!
    I came across your blog through SITS :) You are such an eloquent writer. I feel for you! My son and I just got through an illness as well this week - which is how I found time to start blogging, while being at home for a few days :)

    I absolutely love how you express yourself so so beautifully, even about such sad situations! It broke my heart to read about your son's ailing. I am glad you are all well now! Your children are beautiful, and your photography is as well :)

    I look forward to reading more!
    - Monica B.

  16. Ha ha! Love your piece: An Ode to Green Chile! That versatile food deserves some poetry. Great name for your blog. Over from SITS. All the best!

  17. Stopping by from SITS - loved your post. No one tells you how exhausting life can get with children, but when it passes, you can sit back and soak up the blessings that come with the awesome responsibility God has given us as parents!

    Glad you're enjoying some time to relax and give your family your 'abundance' - LOVE IT!

  18. Looks like a lot of us came over from SITS. I am so sorry to hear that your little one has been so very sick and then you got sick as well. Yes, thank goodness for loving family who know just what to do. I hope you are all recovered very soon.

  19. Wow... being that sick sounds exhausting. Taking care of sick children is never easy. Taking care of children can be a lot when they are healthy lol.
    I may not be a mom but I work in a day care so I understand to a certain extent the exhaustion. Feel better and hopefully you and your family can have another trip to the lake.

  20. what rough weeks but glad they passed and you had a few good days as wll in between. passed by from SITS

  21. I hope that everyone is feeling better...so sad to see children miserable. Blessings :)



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