Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is There a Need?

"He who sees a need
and waits to be asked for help
is as unkind as if he had refused it."
~ Dante Alighien

I've been chewing on this quote for over a week now.
It really is so profound, and so relevant to me at this season of my life.
I feel it's truth speaking to me in the deep places within.

Maybe it's because this is the first time I have found myself
in a place of weariness, overwhelmed with lack of energy
and my body's inability to do things it needs to do.

How often are we surrounded by people who are quick to say,
"Give me a call if you need anything!"
And perhaps
with good intention.

Or perhaps it's just their stock response,
and in reality they hope you don't need anything.

And perhaps you have been the one behind those words.
I confess I have been the one behind those words at one time or another.
But I acknowledge that so many of us, especially women, will never ask for help,
even when we so desperately need it.
And then there are those people who just show up.
They don't ask, and they don't wait for you to ask.
They just show up.
They bring you a meal.
Or they rescue you from your towering pile of laundry.
They take your kids off of your hands for the day.
They send an encouraging note/email/text.
Or an unexpected package.
They offer a prayer over the phone.
The simplest gestures truly do make all the difference.

This is the kind of person I want to be. That I long to be. That I am determined to be.
The kind of person who simply responds.
The kind of person who just shows up.
Perhaps when we find ourselves in our greatest need,
our solace can be found in offering ourselves to someone else that we see in need.
Since I tend to speak my love through food, tomorrow I plan to make some surprise deliveries.

What about you?
Know anyone in need?

Keep Shining Sweet Bellas!


  1. Yes i do know kids that are in need.I do not know them.I only visualize their pain.Pain of living and working on the street.pain of having noone to tuck them in them a storie.pain that there is noone they can call Family.And I could go on.Those are my kids I do what I can...

  2. Hi dear....unfortunately there are always someone is in need...... I hug you strongly, ciao Flavia

  3. thank you so much for such a wonderful post, your words are timely, there is always something we can do.
    Hope your day is full of sweet breezes and kind words.


  4. Yes, I do and I think she is one of the most selfless people I've ever met. I prayed about a way to help her out because I have a feeling she would never ask either. I've decided to surprise her and I hope she will feel loved and feel God's hand of provision and His abundant blessings. I want her to dance with joy!
    I actually dance with joy inside and feel more alive when I think about the look on the face of those we surprise when they receive our gifts!
    I also know some beautiful women who do "just respond and just show up". I thank God for their loving hearts and know that they will also be blessed for responding to needs!

    I thank God for your loving heart, Sis! Keep shining!

  5. I think you saw it, not just thought it. Both of these posts are a window to your soul. I'm sure once you are no longer weary, you will soar. You are more than welcome. Can't wait to hear all about your new arrival.



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