Friday, April 20, 2012

Pear Mousse...and Friendships!

"There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. 
Inside the dullest exterior there is drama, a comedy, and a tragedy." 
~ Mark Twain

I was thinking about friendships in general today, and what a gift they are.

I especially love that "confidante" element of girlfriend friendships.

Males don't seem to enter in, in that way, you know?
At least most of them don't...
there are definitely exceptions to the rule.

But you get two women together over a cup of coffee
and the sharing is immediate.

Do you have any friends who excel in that way?
I can think of several.
I can say anything and they will add to it
and usually take us beyond the point that I wanted to make.

It's so refreshing to have friends 
who keep you on your toes in conversation
don'tchya think?
Always pushing us to that higher level,
desiring us to be more...
more alive,
or more importantly,
more AWAKE!

When I think more intently on the friendships God has given me,
I delight in how each one has brought
such a unique element to the table,
making my life so much richer and more satisfying.

Distance is a barrier to serious affection shown
but I send smiles & warm embraces along these lines...

The recipe I'd like to share with you was given to me by
one of the sweetest bellas I know, Pat Danforth.
She charms everyone who crosses her path 
with her East Coast accent
and her pearls of wisdom,
and ALWAYS brings the most sensational desserts
to potlucks and fellowships.
This mousse is light and delicate
with hints of lemon and the sweetness of pears.
The moment it graced my lips 
I knew I had to have the recipe.
She emailed me a typed out piece of paper
with this recipe, by Barb Olson.
With only 4 ingredients, it couldn't be any simpler.
I do hope you'll give this a try,
I think it would be lovely to serve it in puff pastry,
phyllo cups, or champagne flutes :)

Pear Mousse
1 - 29 oz. can of Pears
1 - large package of Lemon Jello
8 oz. of softened cream cheese
8 oz. of Cool Whip
Drain pears and reserve juice. 
Heat juice to melt Jello and set aside to cool,
Blend pears in blender or mash until smooth.
Add 8 oz. of cream cheese and blend until smooth.
Add cooled jello - mix well.
Fold in cool whip and refrigerate until set.
(I allowed mine to set overnight)
Garnish with fresh fruit just before serving, if desired.
Enjoy...and Mangia!


  1. You and I are sharing a brain, aren't we? He he. I've been thinking about the same things. I only wish I had seen this simple, but divine dessert early. I was trying to figure out something simple to make for my sis-in-law tomorrow. Me and simple sometimes have a hard time getting along, lol. I've had you and your grandma in my thoughts.

  2. Oh! This sounds just so very light and fresh! I love that it's a fast and easy assembly that gets popped away and comes out later all set! I wonder if I could lighten it diet-wise by using Mascarpone cheese and low-fat Cool-Whip? Does it need the fat to make for a super smooth mousse consistency?

    Yum! So pretty, Bella!

  3. Your pear mousse looks so delicate and delicious. YUM!

    I couldn't agree with you more the the points about friendship. I always cherish my friends. I don't have that many good friends...but just a few great ones are definitely enough. :)

  4. Oh, how I love pears! I sliced up two for our spinach salad last night...and now I'm craving them in mousse! What an easy, but elegant dessert! Hope you're have a marvelous weekend, my friend~ are such a gift to us all. xoxo

  5. If I had a can of pears and lemon jello here right now, I'd make that in a heartbeat! It looks delish! You hit the nail on friendship. I'm craving a little intellectual conversation/sharing right now. I've been stuck at home with the toddler all week. Sometimes I feel like I am the friend pulling it out of my friends and just once, I'd like to be led instead of lead. :) Your post was a delightful read on this Sunday afternoon. Thank you!

  6. Bella, how I love these type of "seventies style" desserts with Cool Whip, and Jell-0...I used to have a lot of these recipes. One of my favorite that I can still remember in my head the frozen strawberries with their juices, and strawberry Jell-0 poured over angel food cake chunks that is layered in a pyrex 9x13 pan, and when it's set, spread Cool Whip on the top!

    Your Pear Mousse is so refreshing with the lemon Jell-O and works so well with the cream cheese to give the ultimate creaminess...and Cool Whip? I just love it! Your plating is so pretty; it would work nicely for 4th of July with the tri-colors.

    You are so right about having friends that keep us on our toes in our conversations, and encouraging us to reach higher, which is what God does for us. We should be reminded to thank God also for walking us through all the trials in our lives. This is what brings us closer to him!

    We should remind ourselves that we need him even when everything is going well. I know in my heart that God sends friends to us who are concerned and love us for who we are-with faults and all!
    I do know; that God has sent you to me, bella as a wonderful, caring, and loving friend, and I am grateful for that!

  7. How beautifully you write ~ I was so drawn in ... quite the delight as I am sure the pear mousse is. I love my women friends ... love them! I am also lucky to have a man friend that has those same qualities of keeping me on my toes and wanting me to be the best me. Life would be so sad without them (and without pear mousse)!

  8. ooohh it's so so pretty here and warm and yummy! Love the conversation about friendship. I am so lucky to have these women in my life with whom the sharing begins I have to make that pear mousse! Thanks so much for stopping by my SITS Day! Lovely to meet you and find your blog:)

  9. Wow! This looks delicious!

    {stopping by from SITS}

  10. This sounds delicious, and I love the friendship element of the post. I've been struggling mightily with a few of mine of late, and it felt good to read about positive ones.

    Happy SITS Day!

  11. Luscious dessert!!! And Pat sounds like an amazing woman! Sis, no doubt and you keep me on my toes...I need that! You always have the right words at just the right time and your encouragement keeps me going! What a gift you are to me!!! A treasure! xoxo

  12. I've been on a forced blog break for a while, and this is such a beautiful post to come back too :) Love the sentiments you've expressed in this post and you are blessed to have such lovely friendships :) The mousse looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing :)



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