Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Sweet Bellas!
It’s time to let the cat outta da bag!
I’m so excited!!!

This is the first of two exciting announcements,
and I couldn’t be more pleased about the timing of it all.

It’s time to take Mangiabella to the streets!!!!

Today is the GRAND OPENING of
the “MANGIABELLA” Merch Shop
filled with all things Mangiabella.

Yet another vehicle to bring
beauty, encouragement and inspiration
to the doorstep of your hearts!!!

Just look at these darlinggggg teapots
(available in 4 different designs)

and tea tumblers that let you 
take your loose tea leaves on the go…HELLLLOOOOO!!!

and the platters….Just think of how pretty it will be serving up 
all of your snackles and noshes and treats, Oh My!!!

baseballs tees ~ adoooooorbz!

and these Ornaments….squeal!!!!

And these oversized mugs - cause us mamas
 need the BIG cups to start our days *wink*.

The aprons & pot holders~ I can’t think of a better companion 
to deliver the goodness.

There’s even laptop and phone cases..whaaaaa?

Don’t even get me started on the notecards, and tumblers, and bags!!!

Ohhhmagoodness…there’s more…much much more…

so whatchya waitin’ for….

Click HERE to visit my store!!!

and as always

Keep Shining Sweet Bellas!!!


  1. Sweet Bella, I don't even know how to react to this big surprise but; AUGURI...MAZEL TOV...CONGRATULATIONS!
    I am sooo very happy for your new business adventure, so perfect with your MANGIABELLA title, and your selective 'one and only' quote..."Keep Shining Sweet Bellas" which I have always loved and it put a smile on my face! Love all the products, and I did order the oversized mug that has the famous quote...can't wait to receive it and enjoy my morning cup of coffee every single day. I will always be thinking of you, and will be so proud to have it along with my other special oversized mugs in my kitchen! Such great news, you really 'made my day'! xoxo

    1. Sweet Bella Elisabeth thank you so much for your order, you brought such a smile to my face. I think of you so very often, especially when I make your Israeli Couscous dish or chocolate chip biscotti!!!

  2. That's so exciting!! I'm so happy for you! :)



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