Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Something Worth Celebrating...

Our youngest son has officially mastered potty training,
and can go through the night with no accidents.
It appears we have officially retired the diapers 
*arms raised to the heavens ~ chorus of hallelujahs rising in the air*

This is a bittersweet milestone, of course.
Another season passing by.
It marks the end of an era, really.

I could tell you, with some kind of perverse pat on the back,
that, in so many words, it means I’ve “survived.”

You know, survived the baby phase.
A bazillion diaper changes.
The toddler years.
oh Lord, the teething.

But, all I’d REALLY be saying,
is that I survived MYSELF.

My own nature.
My selfish tendencies.
My impatience.
My ideologies.
My temperament.
My way.
And above all, my fears.

My children have exposed my flaws,
uncovered my weaknesses,
and revealed my fallibility with pinpoint precision.

Of course, this has been absolutely vital in 
inspiring personal growth & necessary change.

And so, I suppose, at the end of the day,
that IS something worth celebrating ;)

Can you relate?
Funny how our children 
become some of our greatest teachers, 
isn’t it?

I believe that children's “formative years” 
parallel parent's “transformative years,”
and soul ripening is a beautiful thing.
What about you? 
Have you had to get over yourself recently?

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